Krowned fundraiser



KROWND is a Male Aesthetic Clinic on the Gold Coast that over the last 2yrs has been a strong supporter for Mens Medicine and the work they do in the community. To help further support Mens Medicine in 2021 Karson the owner of Krownd would like to run a Fundraiser Drive for Mens Medicine in the name of Mens Mental Health. This year Mens Medicine are moving to a Not-For-Profit business in 2021 and Krownd would like to kick this new direction for Mens Medicine off with a Barber Fundraiser Drive to get things really started and they would love to have you join the cause.


Mens Medicine is a Mens & Womens Support & Empowerment movement that was created to help support men & women through their challenges & empower them through to the best versions of themselves.

Mens Medicine is a Gold Coast based movement that travels throughout Australia & New Zealand to deliver a holistic approach to mental health & personal growth.


In the beginning it all started with 1 Mens Walk out in the Gold Coast hinterland amongst a small group of men. The video captured on that day went viral & we started doing walks with men all across Australia & NZ. Over time we eventually opened our space to Womens Walks and then further expanding to now workshops for men, women and couples.

What We Do:

Mens Medicine facilitates a range of workshops, experiences with our signature event our Mens & Womens Walks.

We have worked with well over a thousand men & women directly across both Australia & NZ in most major cities such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch in just our first 2yrs.

Moving forward our plans are to continue going even further connecting with more people in more cities & towns



Mens Medicine is breaking the stigma society has created surrounding mental health. Mens Medicine has created a safe space where men & women can be seen and heard while exploring their emotions without judgement.

Our approach is results based driven, always with progress in mind. Helping guide, support & empower our people onwards & upwards in their lives.

Our programs are tested & proven over our last 3yrs in this space with the hundreds of changed lives we've impacted across Australia & NZ.


Our mission at Mens Medicine is to normalise the conversation around Mental Health, helping break the stigma & stereotype around what it means to express your feelings & emotions.The flow on effect is a reduction in many areas that are hurting families & communities i.e. anxiety, depression, suicide, domestic violence, addiction and more.Our mission is to have a Mens Medicine Hub in every major city across Australia & NZ to serve each city by the end of 2022.


In it's most simplest terms,

Our Why is to help people live better lives.


From the beginning from our very first walk it was about bringing men together to experience, share, and unpack some of the troubles in life that they were experiencing so that they could move forward with greater freedom & clarity for a better life they knew they deserved and could be living.

Walk after walk we achieved that,

Workshop after workshop we have continued to do that.

In our expansion to women & couples, and all throughout Australia & NZ we have continued to do that.

Seeing men & women go on to lead & live better lives for themselves & their families is why we do what we do.


From the very beginning our work has been in high demand.

As we have grown, so has the demand for our work increased all across Australia & NZ.

With our work being face to face workshops, we just can't possibly get to enough people fast enough.

Our resources have been stretched for a very long time, whilst the demand keeps growing.

Funding will allow us to grow more adequately by employing more staff, taking on more coaches, provide more free events to our community, support people financially struggling to get to our workshops, and securing an official office space so we can better serve our community long into the future.